The FCB Turns 5! (04/15)

To celebrate our five year anniversary, we invited guests from Lactalis, Sodial, Isigny, Interval, and Fromi for a little get together at the French Cheese Board. The guests were all part of the National Interprofessional Center for the Dairy Economy also known as the CNIEL.

CNIEL’s main goal is to create awareness about French dairy products and promote them. As a subsidiary of the CNIEL, the French Cheese Board’s mission is to create awareness about the variety of the cheeses of France available in the US market and the multiple ways that American consumers can incorporate the cheeses into their diets, their recipes, and their lifestyles.

Lactalis, Sodial, Isigny, Interval, Fromi and the FCB team have a sole purpose: promoting and educating the American consumers on French dairy products.

We wanted to celebrate and share this great accomplishment with them because they are one of the reasons for our success. French cheeses worldwide renown is due to the quality of the cheeses produced by companies like them.

To celebrate this event we made a cheese cake composed of the following:

  • Langres
  • Mimolette
  • Camembert
  • Crottin de Chavignol

We added fresh fruits and herbs for color, freshness, and to create a magnifique moment with for our esteemed guests.

It was a convivial and entertaining time, shared around delicious food, amazing French cheese, and good wine. Both teams shared their experiences and challenges they had to face during this difficult period. We also discussed about cheese and food like good foodies! It was a really interesting, and educational discussion.

Thank you to everyone that came to our five year anniversary, and thank you to everyone that made it possible. We hope to be here with you for many more years.