The Modern Gentlemen with John McCarthy (11/05)

“You know that cheese is something special when it ranks as the number one stolen food” – John McCarthy

In his introduction to the joy of cheese section in his book, “The Modern Gentlemen”, it describes different cheeses to pair with wine and so we were honored to have him for a book signing at the French Cheese Board.

With a fromage spread of Mimolette (cow), Affidelice au Chablis (cow), Secret de Compostelle (sheep), Valencay (goat), Bleu d’Auvergne (cow), Emmental (cow), Pierre Robert (cow), and Abondance (cow), there was plenty to enjoy. There were also whiskey cocktails for the guests to have with the cheese.

His book contains simple recipes, tips, and actionable advice his about the French describe why its easy to pair wine and cheese: “No one is overthinking the paring. They’re simply eating lunch.” Exactly why we have #makeitmagnifique moments.