The Ultimate Fromage Showdown (04/20 – 05/03)

Welcome everyone to the Ultimate Fromage Showdown, a battle royale between 56 French fromages in order to crown the king of cheeses! Every day starting April 20 until May 3rd, fellow turophiles (which means you!) will vote for their favorite cheese on here, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram.

We created 7 brackets bringing together 8 cheeses from the same family and a wildcard bracket to bring back an eliminated cheese. The winner of each bracket round makes it to the knockout rounds and will keep going until there is ONE FROMAGE STANDING!

All our cheesy challengers are ready and highly motivated to take on their mighty competitors. It will be a long and intense fight and we hope you defend YOUR FAVORITE FROMAGE until the the very end. Which fromage will take it all?

Happy Fromage Showdown, and may be the odds be ever in the favor of your preferred cheese. #fromageshowdown


April 20: Blue
April 21: Semi-Hard
April 22: Bloomy Rind
April 23: Washed Rind
April 24: Hard
April 25: Goat
April 26: Sheep
April 27: Wildcard

April 28: Break Day


April 29: 12pm Quarterfinal Matches Announced
April 30: 12pm Quarterfinal Matches Conclude
2pm Semifinal Matches Announced

May 1: 2pm Semifinal Matches Conclude
4pm: Final Match Announced

May 2: Final Match Continues

May 3: 4pm: Final Match Concludes
6pm: Winner Crowned