Trufflin & Fromage Pairing (12/5)

Last Thursday, the French Cheese Board and Trufflin joined their teams for a very special truffle and cheese pairing event. To celebrate the Holiday season, our guests were greeted with a selection of French wines, cheeses and a beautiful decoration with truffles.

After a presentation of the French Cheese Board, Liv and Cornelious Robinson introduced their company and products.

The pairing started with Valençay and Raw Black Truffle Honey. It is not a surprise anymore, the tanginess of fresh goat cheeses pairs beautifully well with sweet products such as honey. This raw honey from Provence is infused with fresh black truffles. The truffle slices in each jar add a nice truffle aroma and blends the honey’s delicate sweetness with the deep, earthy flavors of black truffle.

For the second pairing, freshly sliced back truffle were drizzled on top of a decadent Brillat-Savarin. Triple cream cheeses and truffle is a well-known combination for cheese lovers. The French Cheese Board team and Trufflin team had already let fresh truffles infuse 24 hours before the pairing to let the creamy cheese from the Burgundy region get all the flavors of Trufflin’s product.

The third pairing was a roasted Camembert with truffle oil. Even if the taste of these products together is incredible, it is extremely easy to make at home ! Put the Camembert in the oven for 20 minutes and pour some truffle oil on top of it as soon as you remove it from the heat. It is a perfect recipe for the Holiday season !

Last but not least, the guest got to try Trufflin’s latest product, the Black Truffle Sriracha Hot Sauce. A few drops of the sauce were poured on top of Mont du Jura. This hard unpasteurized cheese has sweet flavors that match perfectly with the savory spices of the truffle sauce.