Valentine’s Day Cheesecakes with Président Cheese (02/05)

The French Cheese Board celebrated a cheesy Valentine’s Day party with PRÉSIDENT®. Pastry Chef Hadley Hauser took three signature PRÉSIDENT® cheeses; the limited edition Coeur de Brie, Président Le Bleu, and fresh goat, and seamlessly used them in three unique cheesecake recipes.

The party started with a tasting of the three different cheeses in order to understand what are the characteristics and differences between the brie, the bleu, and the fresh goat cheese. Then, participants had the pleasure to sample the three cheesecakes and guess which cheese had been used for each of them.

Chef Hadley Hauser conducted a demo on how to decorate a cheesecake for Valentine’s Day. Then, the participants all chose a cheesecake to decorate it in their own way. They packed their cheesecake in a cute box to take them home. Merci PRÉSIDENT® and Chef Hadley Hauser for this lovely event!