Welcoming GritDaily and the 747 Club! (06/05)

On Wednesday, June 5th, the French Cheese Board hosted members of GritDaily, a top online resource for news on fashion, tech, entrepreneurship and life. The event also featured Chris Schremba, founder on the 7:47 club which help companies give the gift of community and belonging to their clients and partners. The French Cheese Board team worked very hard to make that night an unforgettable experience!

The following cheeses were featured during the event:

  • Fromage de Meaux: The Queen of cheeses. This soft-ripened, brie style cheese from the Parisian region has a smooth, creamy texture and a buttery flavor with earthy mushroom notes.
  • Délice du Poitou: A small oval goat cheese that originated in the Loire Valley in France. It is sprinkled with vegetable ash, with gives the cheese a dark-grey rind encasing a white and runny core. The flavor is smooth and slightly citrusy.
  • Brique de Brebis: A semi-hard sheep’s milk cheese from the Basque-country, between France and Spain. This cheese has delicate flavors of butter and nuts with fruity aromas.
  • Fourme d’Ambert: Blue cheese is not everybody’s cup of tea, however Fourme d’Ambert is always a crowd pleaser and sparks joy in anyone tasting it. This blue-veined, delicate cheese has a nice creamy texture with a tangy-sweet blend of aromas.

Another successful event hosted at the French Cheese Board. Out team will continue bringing crowds together and making French culture accessible to a large number of people. Huge thanks to all of our lovely guests and to everyone who participated in making this event an exceptional experience!