Wine & Cheese Day with Chapoutier Wine (07/25)

Food holidays are celebrated when it comes to French Cheese Board and we celebrated National Wine & Cheese Day with wine from Chapoutier wine and of course, French cheese!

We invited guests to enjoy the evening with us and featured two wines from Chapoutier, a red and white wine made in France To accompany the wonderful wine, we had six different cheeses for our guests to eat: Roquefort, Comte, Epoisses, Tomme Pimento d’Espelette, Bucherondin, and Caprifeuille.

When it comes to wine and cheese, our advice is to experiment! For bolder wines, go for bolder cheeses and for lighter wines, milder cheeses are best. You’ll never know which ones you’ll like but as long as there is good company, it’ll be a good time.