Wine & Cheese with Communal Brands (06/20)

On June 20th, the French Cheese Board welcomed Communal Brands for a special wine and cheese pairing event. The following 3 wines and 3 cheeses were chosen for this influencer event.

Rigotte de Chèvre & Jacques Florent Sauvignon Blanc: this bright, aromatic white wine from the Côte de Gascogne in Southwest France paired harmoniously with Rigotte de Chèvre, a grassy and light goat’s cheese milk with hints of citrus.

P’tit Basque & Jacques Florent Rosé: this lively and fresh rosé paired perfectly with P’tit Basque, a smooth and buttery sheep’s milk cheese from the Pyrénées region of France.

Abondance & Le Temps Infini Malbec: this floral, plum and elegant Malbec from the Southwest of France paired nicely with Abondance, an alpine cow’s milk cheese from Haute-Savoie. The latter’s fruity, nutty and hazelnut flavors blended themselves perfectly with the full body of this red wine.