Workshop on How to Cut and Wrap French Cheeses with Formaticum (08/18)

For our last event of the month, French Cheese Board collaborated with Formaticum – a company specialized in knives, bags and cheese wrapping paper from France!

Formaticum was created in 2005 after a cheese pilgrimage to Paris. Founder & owner Mark Goldman discovered that in France, cheese was treated differently. Each wedge was wrapped in a unique paper that allowed each shop to brand and distinguish themselves. But not only was the paper beautiful, it also had a purpose: to protect flavor and allow for oxygen exchange to keep cheese fresh, longer.

Since then, Mark and the team at Formaticum have dedicated themselves to honoring cheesemakers and defending flavor.

Photo credit: Formaticum

Led by cheesemonger and TikTok influencer, Emilia  D’Albero ACS CCP, this workshop focused on cutting and wrapping techniques. Emilia introduced five different cheeses to the guests: Bûche de Luçay, Brie, Comté, Mimolette and Roquefort.

Then she showed us how to cut and wrap each one of the cheeses so that they lasted longer in the fridge.

We all had some time to practice and, in the end, we awarded the guest with the best wrapping skills a piece of Comté, a Formaticum cheese log and a professional cheese knife!

Congratulations, Judy!

French Cheese Board would like to thank Formaticum, Emilia and all of our guests for a delectable and very educational evening! Merci!