World Whisky Day with Ardbeg (03/27)

Whisky and French cheese is a combination you wouldn’t expect work but it does! 

We hosted a cheese and whisky pairing with Ardbeg from Scotland with four different cheeses and four Ardbeg scotch whiskies.

1. OA & Secret de Compostelle
2. 10YO & Camembert
3. Uigeadail & Pont l’Eveque
4. Corryvreckan & Delice de Bourgogne
Every combination made sure to highlight to the complexities of one another as both whisky and French cheese have a range of flavors you’d be surprised to discover on your palate. Aside from the tasting, there were also cocktails featuring the whisky and it was whisky-full and cheese-filled evening that was magnifique.